British Rocket Railways


I was on a coach-based journey

And sat near- a busy man,

Who held an open notebook

Which was headed 'Master-Plan'.


This attracted my attention

But he noticed this and smiled.

He said that he was an inventor

Though his work was frequently filed.


Yet he felt that his latest notion

Was credible, cheap and clear,

As it was a rocket system

That sped through the stratosphere.


F or rocket trains or aircraft,

Moving fast at constant speed,

Could link all major centres

In a single loop or ring.


There would be suction units

To take passengers in queues

To or from the railway stations

Through special-purpose tubes.


He said this would be simple,

That the public would be pleased

With British Rocket Railways

A reality no dream.


But he left at a busy centre.

Though he may be waiting still

At that doorway marked 'Inventors

Of devices meant to thrill'.



Sidney Morleigh 2004